“I don’t sell products, so do I need a website?”

That’s a common question heard from small business owners. But you don’t have to sell products online to benefit from having a website. Entrepreneur.com emphasizes how a web presence helps customers, potential customers, business partners, locals and the whole world easily find out more about your business and the products or services you offer.

Do Small Businesses Need a Website?

Absolutely! Today, it’s just as important to have a website as it is to have a sign for your business!

If you thought it was a necessity to have a sign on your front door and a business card, then you need to have a website. In today’s business world if you don’t have a website, you barely exist. The internet has made life easier in many ways. It’s the best resource for information. People shop for everything on the internet, not just products. They shop for dentists, doctors, lawyers, roofing companies, builders, etc. If you offer a professional service, your clients will expect to find you on the internet. A web site gives you an opportunity to explain your services and highlight your business.

Imagine that a prospective client is considering your business and is using the internet to compare your services with your competitors. If you don’t have a website, it makes you appear less established and professional. If your clients have a website, you can be sure they understand the importance of having an online identity and may feel your company is not up to date with the latest technology or services. Even if your business is very small, or you’re just starting out, you may want it to appear larger or more established. A well-designed, highly professional website can help level the playing field with larger companies. Whether you want to reach more people or expand your services, a website allows you to grow your business. Now your competitors are not only local, but nationwide.

How do you get your services to prospective consumers?

Marketing is a huge expense for a small business. The Yellow Pages used to be one of the main marketing tools, but a small Yellow Page ad can be very costly every month and with cell phones becoming the mainstream, many Americans have discontinued their home phone service, so it is unlikely they are even receiving the Yellow Pages at all. Studies show that about 80% of Americans use cell phones. According to a report released May 14, 2008 by the National Center for Health Statistics, one in six homes has no traditional landline phone. Among people 25 to 29 years old, one in three lives in a home with no landline. So, your other option is print ads, but just how much can you afford to print and mail out? A website is the only form of advertising that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and doesn’t have peaks and valleys like print advertising. It’s most cost effective to have a website and make sure it is visible to as many consumers as possible. Repeat business and referrals are a big part of a successful business. By having a website, people can contact you via email and you can build your customer database. It’s free to email your customers with specials, updates, or even reminders of your business. What other marketing tool do you know of that is free?

Even if you’re not “selling” anything online, a website provides all the information you need to convey to potential consumers. It’s a minimal monthly cost, the best marketing tool, and a necessity for your business. The bottom line is that if you expect your business to succeed, you need an online identity today!

Every business owner knows they need a website. But what most don’t realize is that it doesn’t have to be costly. We have made it easy and affordable for the small business owner to have a completely custom designed website with many features and services you would expect to pay much more for. Our customer support representatives work with you one on one to ensure you have a website that reflects you and your business image.

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