Your team was great to work with. Our whole office uses the email system and virtual office. It is so easy to administrate the email addresses. We have had many good remarks on our site. The fact that it is in English and Spanish is fantastic. You are unbeatable for your pricing. Keep up the good work!
John Pellerito, Vice President, Peninsular Farms
We had a class action lawsuit where we needed to keep thousands of clients up to date on developments. Identity Station allowed us to create a professional website that we could update instantly, and add and remove pages as needed. On top of that, the contact form and e-mail system simplified the entire process of sorting out requests for information, address changes and other inquiries. In fact, the web-based e-mail worked so well that we ended up creating e-mail addresses for other attorneys several times when they had trouble with their own e-mail systems.
Gil Bagnell, Bagnell & Eason Law Firm, LLC
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful it was to work with you to build a site for BACK 9. I feel confident that our band will benefit greatly from this site. You guys have been wonderful in getting me started with the site. You have made it easy to navigate and make my own changes. I will be recommending you to everyone I know that is interested in building a website. Thank you so much for the help and support.
Edward, BACK 9
Thank you so much for our website!! It is more than we had hoped for! The experience was very simple because Identity Station had done most of the work before I even got started. I gave Regina the information and in less than a week our website is up and running. She is very helpful and very pleasant to work with. Thanks again to everyone at Identity Station.
Julie Hayes For Dr. Robert G. Austin-Family Dentistry
We are so pleased with our website! Regina and the team at Identity Station was so helpful and patient, especially when I was stressing out about the process. In the end, they came through with a wonderful website that is patient friendly and easy to edit when necessary. I can easily edit new photos and office information right from my desktop computer. The graphics and designs they offered were well suited to our needs! Thanks Identity Station!
Ms. Audrey Vanderlinden for Dr. James R. Owings Jr.
It has been a pleasure working with Identity Station in developing our web-site. The Identity Station personnel were very professional and very sensitive to our time restraints. They provided us with a first class web-site and created a beautiful design with minimal effort on our part! I would recommend Identity Station to all.
Denise R. Witzmann for Dr. J. Wade Nichols, D.M.D., P.A.
This has been the best “bang for my buck” investment this year. Where else can you get a quality website for this price! This the easiest way to get information to my patients and they have all been impressed with the design of the site. If you have ever been unsure about creating a web site, this is the perfect time to get on the web. Honestly, what have you got to lose?
Dr. Ed Davis, Davis Orthodontics
When thinking of designing a website, thoughts of terror ran through my mind. What did I know about designing a website? My career was in dentistry for heaven’s sake, not computer technology! Identity Station’s newly designed worksheet (please fill in the correct name of this form) made data gathering so simple. Think of it as a comprehensive exam for your website design. The professionally written scripts, photography and Crest articles were provided in the purchase price of the website design. They did all the work for us. A few of our own photos and text were added to what was provided and within a few days a magnificent website unfolded. Regina and the team at Identity Station really worked to give us our own unique site and we are thrilled with the results. In a time when our marketing dollar needs to work harder than ever, Identity Station’s a great value.
Janet Sanda, Minnetonka Dental
Identity Station has created a way for dentist to easily design a very professional website at an extremely affordable price. They also give you the tools to easily keep your website up to date by allowing you enough web space to expand to your needs. I would highly recommend this company to any health professional that is looking to start their own website.
Brad R. Pitts, DMD
I must confess that I had mixed emotions about setting up a website. I feared that it might end up looking unprofessional and solicitous not to mention being very time consuming. Nothing could have been further from the truth. I have ended up with a beautiful, professional looking website that gives my patients and potential patients a look at our practice. It took very little effort on my part as Brian and Regina held my hand all the way through the process making it simple for me. Both worked with me very closely. All of a sudden I had a website that needed very few if any changes. This group takes care of its clients. I had called other website people to find that they were more interested in the money than satisfying me. The bottom line is that I now have twice the website for half the money.
James A. Hill, Jr., D.D.S