This is hands down the best deal out there. From the personal service, prompt responses, and technical support, along with the ability to truly customize your site; I could not be happier with my experience.
John M. Rearden Jr., DMD
I bet most dentists have been planning to build a website for the last few years and have never gotten around to it. For me, it was one of those things that I was going to look in to. Website design was great party conversation compared to crown preps and no-prep veneers. Sooner or later we all will own a website and have to come up with some other non dental topic to dazzle the crowd with at parties. The best thing about t Identity Station building your website is they will get it done quickly. It will be easy. They won’t make you feel stupid. Do it and do it for under $500!! I think you should stop researching who offers the best value when it comes to websites. I already did it for you. Call Identity Station and you will have a website in less than a month. You know your practice is way too high tech to not have website. It is a mandatory business tool these days. The folks at Dentist Identity understand that they are not Dentists and that you are not a computer expert or marketing expert. Call them and let them do what they do well every day.
Dr. Jeff Gardner
We are ever so pleased with the Website that was custom designed for us by Identity Station. The colors and graphics are phenomenal!!! The design process was so easy! Every step was very self explanatory and the speediness in actually getting the site up and running was amazing. Regina was there to help guide us through every process and quickly responded to our questions and offered great solutions to our dilemmas. We could not have completed this project so easily without her—Thanks a bunch Regina. The site is easy to navigate through and we are confident that our patients and future patients will be able to contact us through the site with ease. This is an opportunity that every dental office should take advantage of. The pricing is amazing with results that you would expect to pay other design companies hundreds more dollars for. Thanks again you guys and we will certainly recommend you all to other dentist that we come in contact with!!!
Joni Jackson
I am so happy with the new Web Site for Foster Law Offices. You all did a fantastic job- especially for someone like myself that really did not even know where to begin. It really exceeded my expectations and made it very afforable! Regina’s, Corey’s and Bryan’s support and suggestions throughout the process was top notch customer services! This was a surprise gift and it turned out better than we expected!
Krisdee Schmale