We are a group of digital specialists who help businesses worldwide with their online identity.

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noun –

Condition or character as to who a person or what a thing is;  the qualities, beliefs, etc., that distinguish or identify a person or thing.


noun –

place equipped for some particular kind of work, service, research, or the like:

Some Background

The foundation and development of our Identity began over 15 years ago in Columbia, SC, not exactly the mecca of software or internet development 🙂 We were primarily providing custom website design and hosting for high-end customers like Coach Lou Holtz and The University of South Carolina’s USCSports.com.

Thousands of medium and small business websites were developed and feedback was gained and obtained. We grew to be one of the larger internet companies in the southeast. Partnerships and contracts were signed with state dental associations and a dental division was spun-off offering many services including consulting in the online marketing field and reputation management. Fast forward, we have now provided internet services for clients in England, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and nationwide USA. We are a multifaceted organization providing Digital Strategies To Build Your Business while growing and protecting your online identity.


Our group develops cutting-edge technology and creative marketing solutions for organisations looking to establish or enhance their brand and presence in a digital age. Together we understand the inter-relationships between content, technology and new media, allowing us to provide scalable solutions that integrate and exploit all communication platforms.

Responsive Webdesign
Mobile App Development
Software Development
Digital Marketing
Social Media Management
Reputation Management

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